The band performs traditional and folk music drawing inspiration from the rich culture of the Carpathian
Mountains. The highlander temperament combined with the charm , for instance of Gypsy music,
creates a unique climate and atmosphere .The members of the band are the highlanders brought
up in the families of long tradition who maintain their culture with great passion.

Recalling the oldest and long forgotten melodies , by means of which people used to express their deepest emotions , the musicians of HOLOF band revive the magical world of Carpathians peoples with their
passions, joys ,sadness and nostalgia.

The concerts of our band are a unique journey to the land of widely recognized folk music (highlander,
Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian, Gypsy).It is a spontaneous meeting full of energy, charisma, real emotions, joy and the feeling of being deeply moved , for both the public and the musicians as well.

HOLOF sings and plays making use of traditional acoustic instruments such as violin, accordion, viola, guitar, double bass or Hungarian dulcimer, which allows to play music in its traditional form.

The band brings splendor to many events organized in Podhale region, as well as in some other regions of Poland, covering thousands of kilometers in their own country and abroad. The band has taken part in many overviews and festivals of traditional music where HOLOF was appreciated for excellent arrangements , ingenuity and originality.

Our experience, carefully selected repertoire and the joy of shared music can guarantee that you will always remember us and that will leave you with many pleasant memories. Our meeting will also bring closer to you the highlander culture which is still unparalleled in the world.